If you are a homeowner, you should always have a solid understanding of the plumbing system that you have at home. It is one of the most important systems of your home, and it will play a major role in the day-to-day activities that you do. If you aim to prolong the life of your plumbing system and make sure no costly expenses are spent for major plumbing fixes, be sure to hire a professional plumber in Klang who can provide you with quality service. 

What are the main components of the home plumbing system?  

Your home plumbing system is made out of two main components. The first component out of them would be the water supply system. The water supply system is responsible for furnishing clean water and providing it to your home. Then you can find the wastewater system. It would effectively drain the water that you have used.  

The water intake system  

The water intake system of the plumbing system is capable of circulating water that comes from the main valve. Water is supplied to the main valve by the water supply network of your system. The source is usually buried under the ground, n front of your home. The incoming water supply to your home is usually associated with high pressure. Hence, you will be able to get water to be circulated to different parts of the home without a problem. This is how you will be getting clean water for different purposes, such as cooking, bathing, and other needs. 

Drain wastewater system 

The drain wastewater system is responsible for removing the water that you use out of your home. It would be taken to the municipal sewer system. However, not all homes would empty used water into the municipal sewer system. For example, you will notice how some homes are having a septic tank. It would hold wastewater. You will have to empty that occasionally. The drainage system would include vents, traps, and many other features, where the power of gravity is used to move water effectively.  

The supply and drainage systems  

There are numerous other sub-systems that you can find in the plumbing system of your home. The supply and drainage subsystems hold a prominent place out of them. These subsystems are capable of handling separate functions. Fixtures are responsible for creating the bridge between the two options. These would be the working ends of the plumbing system. The plumbing fixtures are capable of delivering a convenient overall experience to you out of the plumbing system that you have installed at your home.  

Sinks, tubs, and toilets are some perfect examples of plumbing fixtures that you have. On the other hand, you will even be able to call the exterior faucet a fixture. On the other hand, all the devices that draw wastewater and remove them from your home are considered plumbing fixtures. They will be able to keep the drainage and supply system function separately from each other. 

Most fixtures would come along with shutoff valves. They will provide enhanced convenience to you when you are taking care of the plumbing system. Hence, you will not have to turn off the main water supply.  

Final words 

Now you have a basic understanding of the plumbing system that exists at your home. With this understanding, you can take good care of the plumbing system and focus on regular maintenance. On the other hand, you can attempt to fix minor issues that you would get in the plumbing system on your own as well. However, it is still recommended contacting an expert for fixing all the major issues that you would get in the plumbing system.

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