Whenever you discover a leaky pipe or any other plumbing emergency in the middle of the night, you will come across the need to contact a 24-hour emergency plumber in Malaysia. However, there are certain steps that you will need to follow before you contact an emergency plumber. These steps will provide you the opportunity to further reduce the damages that you will have to go through with your plumbing system. Continue to read, and we will share more details with you on the steps that you will need to follow before you contact a 24-hour emergency plumber. 

Turn off the plumbing source  

The very first thing you should do upon noticing a problem with your plumbing system is to turn off the source. For example, you will notice how water is leaking into your home through the broken water line. This is where you should go near the main shutoff valve and turn that off. This will help you to overcome further damages from happening. Then you can get in touch with the 24-hour plumbing service.  

Figure out the plumbing responsibilities 

Before contacting the plumbing service, it is even better if you can figure out the plumbing responsibilities that you have. In other words, you need to make sure that it is a responsibility of you, and it is not the responsibility of the city. If the responsibility is yours, you should go ahead and contact the 24-hour emergency plumber. Then you can pay for a team out of your pocket to get the issue fixed. But if the responsibility is not yours, you don’t have to spend money unnecessarily out of your pocket. Instead, you will be able to notify the appropriate entities, who will take care of it. 

Never wait until the frozen pipes thaw  

In case if you encounter the signs of a frozen water line, you will need to refrain from going ahead with any of the DIY repairs. You should even do this when you experience a reduction in water pressure. You will need to get in touch with the 24-hour plumbing service and request for a team to be dispatched to your location. This is where you will be able to carefully inspect the frozen pipe and determine the signs. 

Don’t try to deal with raw sewage  

You can check and see whether the plumbing problem would force you to deal with raw sewage. If you have to deal with raw sewage, you will need to get rid of the situation as soon as possible. Instead, you should immediately contact the emergency plumbing service, which will come well-equipped with appropriate tools to help you with overcoming the situation that you are currently facing. 

Raw sewage can contain toxic materials, which can negatively impact your good health. On the other hand, you will have to go ahead with evacuation to deal with the problem as well. This is why it is a good idea to hand over the work to an experienced 24-hour plumber, who will know how to get the fix done. The plumbing service will not just offer a cleanup but will also deliver disinfection to you based on the needs that you have. 


Now you are aware of some of the basic steps that you should follow on your own before contacting an emergency plumbing service. Make sure that you focus on these steps and request the support you need to overcome the problem.  

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